Book of Ra Casino Game

Book of Ra Casino Game

This is a video slot game with an Egyptian theme that involves a dark, golden tomb where you find treasures. The set comes with plenty of features with big payouts. The game is straight forward, but they are some aspects that require aspects of concentration. Before you can start looking for fortunes of the pharaohs, you need to place your bet so that you can enjoy your winnings. The game comes with five reels and three rows and a total of 9 pay lines, which you chose the ones to activate during game play.

The game brings an outstanding environment with a design reminiscent of an ancient Egyptian tomb, including an autoplay function, which enables you to play the game at a faster pace. There are also free spins which are often triggered throughout the game and come with a good payout. The Egyptian flavor in the games comes with jewels, explorers, scarabs, totems, which are the symbols that pay the most. Other smaller paying symbols include Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 with also a wild symbol that is used for substitution to complete a winning combination.

Bonus and Jackpot games

Unlike many slots, the Book Of Ra does not have any bonus for players to participate in. Players can only enjoy the free-spinning and winning prizes. In any spin win, the player can gamble it for a double win if the player is lucky. The player is presented with red and blue to choose which is flipped. In this manner, winning can double up to 5times of its original prize.

When playing the game, the reels helps to unlock the jackpot, which awards the player a total of 5,000 tokens, with the other valuable being the Pharaoh at 2,000 for five in a row.

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