A Gamers Guide to “Book of Ra”

A Gamers Guide to “Book of Ra”

Book of Ra” is a popular, Vegas-style online casino slots game which allows the user to play the free and pay to win version of this game. The rules for ‘Book Of Ra‘ allow for easy game play and the potential of winning a fair amount of money if it is played correctly and patiently. The rules serve as guidelines to help the player navigate their way in this game of chance.

As the player enters the game, both free and paid, they are given options to pick the amount of their bet and how many lines they would- like to bet on. After choosing these options, the player is then given the option to take their turn manually or given the choice of an auto play as well.

Once the player makes all of the important decisions,the online game is sent into a whirlwind of random selection. The player winnings are accumulated after each spin, provided the player chooses the appropriate amount of lines to place a bet on. After each spin, the player is given the option to risk more payoffs on their winnings by making additional bets or by taking the initial winning. If the “Book of Ra” appears in any line the player has chosen

in multiples of three or more, the player wins ten free spins for chances of winning credits for continued game play. When choosing the pay to win option, the player chooses a partner company on the games site to collect their winnings.

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